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Umiya Parivar - Lifetime Subscription
Please pay your Subscription before increasing the rates of subscription.

Umiya Parivar Subscription(15 Years) just Rs. 2000 (500 Dollar, 300 Pound) will be taken by Umiya Parivar Office Sidsar From 01-JULY-2016 onwards Umiya parivar Subscription rates will be taken Rs. 2000/-.

"SUMRITHI GRANTH" of Umiya Parivar Rajat Jayanti Festival is Prepared. Soon you will see glimpse of Umiya Parivar Rajat Jayanti Festival in Umiya Parivar Magazine also.

If you have not paid subscibtion of Umiya Parivar then please pay it today as soon as possible.
Any question or work related web please contact us on
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